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Soft washing is a method to clean using low pressure and particular solution in order to remove dirt, algae, bacteria, and mildew safely and fast without damaging cladding or other delicate surfaces.  This technique is more effective than manual cleaning that takes a long time to finish. Soft wash cleaning can also clean your damaged wall paint before replacing it with the new paint. Overall, soft washing is the best option to make your building look new again.

Our expertise in soft washing makes us leaders in the field, we will make your building look clean by removing and killing mould lichens and bacteria on your roof.

Soft washing on cladding, be it domestic or industrial, rather than pressure washing results in a better, more long lasting clean. 

Cleaning cladding regularly ensures that it maintains its weatherproofing, appearance and avoid the build-up of organic staining, which can detract from the buildings appearance. If the build of organic matter is allowed to continue, over time it will damage the surface and lose its ability to remain water tight and weather proof.

Cladding is available in many forms and finishes such as aluminium, composite, stainless steel, glass, wood, laminate finishes, concrete and plastic (upvc). We are able to clean all of the above.

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The way your shop front, office or unit is presented is a direct reflection on your business. Just as merchandising in the right way is important, so is keeping your premises immaculate and clean.

We offer cleaning services which ensure your business is always presented to the highest possible standard to project the right message to your important customers.

The shopping centre is equally as important for customers to experience an amazing time and atmosphere. It determines whether or not the customers will return to the shopping centre or not.

At Private and Commercial, we take pride in what we do. We place emphasis on attention to detail and have the training and experience to give your retail store an impressive clean, each and every time.

We take the time to listen to the individual needs of each client to ensure a cleaning schedule that is timely and thorough. If you’re looking for a reliable and punctual store cleaner you can trust, Private and Commercial is the obvious choice.

We pride ourselves over our exceptional services such as working to your convenience. Our hardworking team will schedule to work around your business trading hours to avoid any interruptions with customers and visitors.

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Your gutters can get filled by twigs, leaves, animal waste, flora growth – resulting in sediments build within the gutters. Gutters that have not been cleaned professionally by expert gutter cleaners prevent gutters from performing at it’s optimum. Even if gutters are not blocked, they can slow the flow of rainwater, which results in sludge build-up. Blocked gutters stop directing water down the downpipes, causing backflow under your roof tiles which can result in damage to your roof, ceiling and wall of the premises. Additionally, the gutter itself can get damaged in the process.

At Private and Commercial we offer high-quality gutter cleaning that can be trusted. By relying on our prompt professional gutter cleaning services, you can be sure that –

  • The gutters are thoroughly cleaned with advanced equipment and tools.

  • The job is completed without causing any risk to you, your family or staff, and your property.

  • Your property is mess-free, upon completion of the gutter clean to your premises.

  • Your property will be well-protected from water and mould damage.

  • You ensure money is saved by avoiding major gutter repairs or replacements.

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Private and Commercial are experts in Commercial, Industrial and domestic building cleaning.

Whether your surface is made out of cement, slate, pebble crete, stencil crete, sandstone, exposed aggregate, bricks or pavers, Private and Commercial can bring new life and vibrancy to something that is old and tired looking.

Oil and tannin stains, mould, mildew and general grime that build up on the surfaces around your property not only look ugly, but are also dangerous. The surface becomes slippery, the bacteria build up and mould spores cause health issues.

Private and Commercial can pressure clean the hard surfaces around your property making them visually pleasing and help prevent nasty slips and falls.

Safety is paramount and slip hazards can cause damage not only to your business, but to your employees, customers and other occupants. Regular maintenance can prevent unnecessary down time and serious threats to the welfare of your staff and customers. Private and Commercial can look at your risk factors and see where your potential underlying problems are, we can turn your property from unsafe to safe in as little as a few hours.

  • Remove build-up of grime to make your outdoor flooring shine.

  • Remove mould and mildew stains for a healthier environment.

  • Have your outdoor flooring slip and hazard free.

  • Renew pool areas, pergolas and fences.

  • Remove unsightly oil and tannin stains from your driveway, forecourt or parking areas.

We have the equipment and experience to take on any job - big or small. Our services accommodate large range of properties, from unit blocks, shopping centres, office complexes, industrial warehouses, transfer stations and homes, just to name a few.

Protect your business, your home, and your image while prolonging the life of your premises.

Portray a clean image. Increase the value and curb appeal of your property overnight. External cleaning is the most cost effective way to gain an improvement of your property’s appearance.

Make a statement that rises above your competitors. Customers have more confidence in businesses that look aesthetically pleasing.

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Our staff are fully trained and insured to clean Solar Panels, offering you complete peace of mind. We are able to clean both roof and ground mounted solar arrays with ease.

Manufacturers DO NOT recommend the use of harmful chemicals or detergents to clean Solar Panels. However, they do encourage solar panels to be cleaned every six to twelve months, especially before the onset of summer and winter. Manufacturers also agree that regular cleaning will preserve their limited warranty and maintain optimum output performance of the solar modules.

Purified Water

We use a 100% Pure Water fed pole system, with NO need for harmful chemicals or detergents; it is an Eco-Friendly cleaning process delivered to you both safely and efficiently.

The harshness of untreated water can leave marks behind containing mineral deposits, especially in hard water areas. Untreated water marks can actually attract dirt as well as being an inefficient cleaning process.

Our Eco-Friendly cleaning process has excellent results that ensures you are getting the most out of your solar PV System.

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